Wedding prep in full swing!

12 weeks left until this Miss becomes a Mrs!

Both of us are rather relaxed about it all. Possibly too relaxed. (Apart from the other half’s reaction to my weekly adjustment to the wee countdown chalkboard)


At the beginning (Oct) we decided on a date, chose the band, the food and the venue and lots of the rest were put on the long finger.

For me I think when January arrived the realisation hit that it’s this year and we really should get stuff done. And we are, but still with a fairly relaxed view of it all. So many wedding websites have checklists with what you should have done by what time. Most start at 12 months before the date or even 2 yrs before. Needless to say the suggested timeline is out the window for us. Then they have lists things that you must have. However I’ve been to many weddings and some of these “must haves” are left behind and put in the bin (ceremony programs, favours) or they wouldn’t be missed if they weren’t there (chair covers, car ribbons) and much more on top of that.

We’re going for a lot of DIY. We’re not having the reception in a hotel. I see the appeal for some as more or less everything is done for you with a hotel wedding. While there might be a bit more work, the way we are doing it suits us and I am loving that we will have our own stamp on the day. There’s a whole lot of borrowing and bartering and friends and family getting involved. It’s amazing how many people want to get involved and it’s lovely. I think it will give the day itself a much more special feel to have so much input by those close to us.

We now have most of the big stuff done. But decided to go to a wedding fair at Sligo IT to see what’s out there. We spent most of out time there chatting to people we know. Most of them the vendors. At wedding fairs a lot of stands will have competitions for you to enter for discounts or for nights away so we popped our names down thinking “why not, you never know” and we ended up winning a discount with a photographer and that’s one thing we hadn’t booked! Worth the visit!



This week I bought the dress (purple), the shoes, and was generously given handmade table decorations that are exactly what I had planned to spend hours on doing myself but now I don’t have to. Amazing! Been a good week!


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