Slow Roasted Half Leg of Lamb

The days are getting shorter and colder and the need for comfort food is strong.  A roast dinner is most definitely a comfort food in our house.

Comfort food doesn’t have to be calorific to satisfy you. (Although in saying that, Mum’s sticky toffee pudding will always win on the comfort food front – oh the buttery sugary deliciousness!!!)

You could cook the lamb in a slow cooker but as I opted for roast veg as well I decided to use the oven. Even though it might take a bit of waiting and planning ahead theres really not a whole lot involved in making this dish. Once things are in the oven set your timer and you can go about doing other things and not worry about it until the timer goes off.

Slow Roasted Half Leg of Lamb


Slow Roasted Half Leg of Lamb

serves 4


1200g lamb leg

2 red onions

1/2 garlic bulb separated but unpeeled

olive oil


for the veg

8 medium carrots

4 parsnips

a few garlic cloves

tablespoon olive oil

drizzle honey


Remove the lamb from the fridge at least an hour before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature.

Heat oven to 140

Peel onions and cut into quarters

Use an oven tray big enough for the lamb,

place the onions and garlic cloves into the tray

Lightly oil and season the lamb. Poke a few small holes in it and stick a few sprigs of rosemary into them. Place on top of the onions and garlic, cover with foil and put into the oven for 3 hours.

Remove foil, baste and cook uncovered for last 20/30 mins.

Remove from oven, cover and rest for 15 mins.

The meat should now fall off the bone. Take the meat and shred it, set aside.

Place tray onto hot hob ring. Use 250ml boiling water and pour onto tray and stir to lift the sticky juices left behind.

Sieve the liquid into a jug removing any of the onion and garlic. Taste and season.

Pour some onto the meat.



While the lamb is cooking cut the carrots and parsnips in half, toss in olive oil, drizzle honey over them and season.

Arrange on baking tray in one layer.

Put in oven for an hour and a half.

Serve the lamb and vegetables with mashed potatoes. Add more of the juices if desired.



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