Christmas post no 1.

  Well its been a busy week. I feel I've been neglecting my little blog. Lots happening between being unwell, singing and rehearsing and going to a wedding as well as some design work. Its easy to let at least one thing slip. But not for long! I'm trying to work out the best way … Continue reading Christmas post no 1.


Good news and No Bake Layer Cake.

WOO! I have some news. Someone has been reading my blog and Facebook posts!  Its true, and its not just my mother! Broghies Ireland are impressed by my use of their great wee product and have contacted me! Eeep! So I’ll be doing a bit of promo work for them. I will be coming up … Continue reading Good news and No Bake Layer Cake.


I will post other things as well as food but I'm rather enjoying sharing my recipes! For today though here is a dish that my other half is a big fan of and I nearly forgot about it. Meatzza! It is what it sounds like, a meat base with pizza toppings. Meatzza serves 2-4 depending … Continue reading Meatzza!