Let’s do this

Here we go!

Its been said to me a few times that I should write a blog or make a cook book but I’ve been reluctant. I’m sure like many bloggers my thoughts have been “but who will read it”, “nobody would be interested in what I have to say”, “do I even have anything to say?”. Well, for the last while I’ve been researching weddings and dieting and realise lots of people have lots to say so why shouldn’t I? If only one or two people make and enjoy one of my recipes or take away any helpful information through reading my post then thats a win! Here you’ll find healthy eating, (some not so healthy eating), DIY wedding info, body positivity, art, music, crafting and many musings and thoughts.




5 thoughts on “Let’s do this

  1. Valerie says:

    Welcome to WordPress! Blogging is such a great way to make friends, share passions, and learn from each other! You’re going to ❤ it. ^_^


  2. mysweetshenaniganhome says:

    Hello & Welcome to the blogosphere; I think the apprehension that “what if no one reads it” is quite a normalcy but of course, we just can not make it stop us from doing what we ought to do. I think as times goes on though, we just have to become so immensed in our own passions and what we have to say that it just does not matter as much. Then I won’t lie, my feelings do get a bit hurt still when I post something and no one likes it….but it’s okay; Life goes on ;p.

    ~ Bre


      • mysweetshenaniganhome says:

        No problem at all; yes, that’s a great way to look at it. Keep doing what you want to do, the people will come. There are truly so many amazing blogs out there and I have come across some lovely people; Best wishes in your journey here!

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