Broghies – My new obsession

Last year I went to Slimming World and in 8 months I lost two stone. Not as quick as many but I was happy to take my time and enjoy some indulgences as well as keeping to plan most of the time. I thought I was a healthy enough eater before Slimming World but I was obviously well overweight so was doing something wrong. I learned new habits and found new foods. The main thing I learned was most of the lunches and dinners I made simply needed more veggies. Since then however, like many, I have slipped. I’ve gained back half of what I lost. It was a great summer of parties and eating out and travel. (went to France for a week, ate and drank everything and put on 6 pounds! -it was great fun). Summer got extended (in my head) so now on the 30th of October its officially over and time to think healthy again. (well…..almost…Halloween fancy dress night out tonight with the girls, so might not be so healthy). Although I’m no longer a Slimming World member I’m going to take what I learned while there and put it into action.

Onto Broghies. I discovered these crunchy popped beauties on one of the Slimming World Facebook groups that I folllow. They were mentioned by a member who said they were only 19 calories (one syn) so I thought I have to try them.

They’ve been a great addition to my kitchen. They are a brilliant substitute to bread or crackers. I’ve been using them for sandwiches, topping them with cream cheese and tomato and I’ve got a mind full of ideas to try with them.

I’m going to share one of these yummy dishes with you now. Its my take on a BLT with an added egg. I call it the Broghie (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato)

Check out the recipe below.


Broghie B.E.L.Ter


2 Broghies

3 bacon rasher medallions

1 egg

handful mixed leaves

tomato sliced


1.Grill your rasher medallions.

2.While they are cooking make a poached egg.

There are many different thoughts about how to poach an egg. Use your favourite. I will do a post on my method soon.

3. Layer your ingredients.

-Place your rashers on your bottom Broghie, add egg, add mixed leaves and slices of tomato, season. Top with another Broghie.

I don’t find any need for adding sauces as the egg when softly poached adds enough creaminess, Although some good relish would be lovely for a bit of tasty indulgence.



Thanks for reading. Let me know if you try it out.



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