Happy Halloween!

I love a bit of Halloween fun. I often think about what I will dress up as long before October even arrives. This year I wasn't so sure what I would wear. I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict and have a board of face painting ideas and one I've thought about doing for a … Continue reading Happy Halloween!


Broghies – My new obsession

Last year I went to Slimming World and in 8 months I lost two stone. Not as quick as many but I was happy to take my time and enjoy some indulgences as well as keeping to plan most of the time. I thought I was a healthy enough eater before Slimming World but I … Continue reading Broghies – My new obsession

Let’s do this

Here we go! Its been said to me a few times that I should write a blog or make a cook book but I've been reluctant. I'm sure like many bloggers my thoughts have been "but who will read it", "nobody would be interested in what I have to say", "do I even have anything to say?". Well, for the last while I've been researching weddings and dieting and realise lots of people have lots to say so why shouldn't I? If only one or two people make and enjoy one of my recipes or take away any helpful information through reading my post then thats a win! Here you'll find healthy eating, (some not so healthy eating), DIY wedding info, body positivity, art, music, crafting and many musings and thoughts.